PDA Intelligence

As a specialist consultant, Project Directors Australia has a range of tools and techniques to ensure client objectives are met, all governed by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Management System.

“PDA’s 20+ years expertise in complex projects gives them a specialist grounding in setting up project definition, governance and briefing documents. PDA is regularly engaged by large institutions and government departments to provide strategic advisory, capital works framework, and specialist consulting.”

PDA undertakes a constant market analysis of the WA Property and Construction sectors, particularly in the current market issues surrounding COVID-19 restrictions and stimulus, Fire Resistance, Building Materials and Structural Compliance.

PDA is also well versed in complex compliance upgrades, be it a Private Hospital Licence for a new or expanded hospital, mandatory Class 9C compliance upgrades for Aged Care Facilities, or a change of use under the National Construction Code, we have you covered.

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